David has been involved in full time church work and professional counseling for over 40 years. He has taught at a Bible School, Seminary, and two graduate schools in Christian counseling. He is ordained and holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. David has been a featured guest speaker and conducted many workshops like "How We Heal", "Total Recovery", "How to Experience More of the God Who Loves You" and "Creating Love Workshop" for couples among others. David also trains missionaries on how to heal sex-trafficked victims around the world.

In The Works

  • What I've Learned About My Heavenly Father From My Son
  • What I've Learned About My Heavenly Father From My Daughters
  • Total Recovery
  • How We Heal
  • How To Heal Your Marriage
  • What's Really Going On In Your Marriage & What You Can Do About It / What Marriage Counselors Can't Tell You
  • Finding The Mate of Your Dreams
  • Parenting Made Easy
  • The Power of Horizontal Christianity
  • Small Groups That Rock!
  • What's Wrong With The Church & How to Fix Her
  • Right Brained Christianity
  • The Truth About Homosexuality : It is Causes & Cures
  • What's Holistic Integrative Theology and Why You Need It.
  • What I've Learned - Things That You Need To Know

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